Daily Journal is an app where you can journal and publish selected thoughts online as a blog.

Daily Journal has a theming feature which changes the appearance of the app with specially curated wallpapers, to give you a new experience every time you use it.

You can enable daily reminders to help you keep up with your journaling habit. Off by default.

By creating an account you can sync your writings on multiple devices; your iPhone or iPad and the MacOS App that is coming soon.

Your writings are kept private, unless you choose to share them online. You can publish your selected writings online to dailyjournal.stream under your username. This is a paid monthly subscription. Custom domain support is coming soon. You can share you writings as an image as well to any social networks. This feature and all others are completely free.

Check out our roadmap to see the new features we are working on, and vote on what you want us to work next: https://trello.com/b/vbSpHeoS/roadmap